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October 20, 2005: Sketchbook: Hoodies
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The actual comic got a little behind schedule, so here is an excerpt from my sketchbook, from an upcoming story I'm trying to put together called 'Hoodies'. It might not look anything like this in the end, I'm not sure, but this is the start of it. You saw it here first, ladies and gentlemen! The actual comic will be up later tonight, though for the sake of the coding and archive, I'll be putting it in for Saturday and posting it early. See my website doesn't run on SQL like other sites, it just posts the latest one. Therefore, it doesn't know what day it really is, just posts the latest one. Point is, it'll be here later and it'll say it's Saturday. If your watch is broken or your calendar busted, don't freak out.

BTW, congrats to Harris (my brother)! He got engaged the other day, and I have to be the best man! I'm really excited.
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