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October 28, 2005: The Healing Power of Gaming
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Sorry I haven't felt much like posting lately. This comic, while it has kinda been done before, is about the power of gaming. The HEALING power of the video game bond. Jack Thompson (I wouldn't be a webcomic without mentioning Jack Thompson, would I?) should keep that in mind.

I would like to post about awesome links more often, but I'm normally last in the loop. Still, I've been catching up on some webcomics lately, and I reccomend Panda Xpress. It is the prettiest comic I've found in a long while, and damn funny. Another is Dirty Tissues, which I've shouted out to before but needed another shouting.

I should point out that the art of writing a comic rant is a very delicate craft. It takes wit, levity, and a general knowledge of the english language that most people do not possess. Sadly, this group of people includes me. Okay, that's all I got. Later.
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