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November 14, 2005: Oh yeah...
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Obviously enough, there was no post on last Friday. Sorry peeps, I plum got behind schedule. You see, I was in NYC over the weekend and it threw everything waaaay off. I know the comic is currently in pencil and not well decorated, but it will be fixed soon enough. And then, because I am lazy, I will leave this very post up. In other words, if the picture above looks like crap, it will be fixed soon. If it doesn't look like crap, then I already fixed it.

NYC was a fun time. I don't know if it is really worth it to go posting all over my website about it. I mean, you're here for a comic, not my life story, right? I will say this much, my good buddy Miksic is doing just fine. Also that the Scofflaws put on a mighty fine show.

As a webcomic currently based in DC, I hereby direct you all to the Washington Webtoonists site, a place for DC webcomics people to generally bum around and enjoy the company of others.

New one on Wednesday guys, and be sure to check back and tell all your friends about the site. You know they'll love it once you tell them how funny it is and that you check it all the time.

I need to start writing these posts when I'm NOT watching TV.
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