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September 6, 2006: That'll wrap things up nicely.
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(September 6, 2006: That'll wrap things up nicely.)

Long time no see, reader! I say reader not in the "I'm talking to you" case, but to the one person still left reading this: my mother.

Hi mom. Sorry I didn't call today. I'll call soon, promise. Did you try cooking with that onion like I suggested? Let me know how it turned out. And tell Dad I KNOW I have to fix the car, I'm working on it. Really!

Bunches have happened in the webcomicking world since last we spoke. I'm not even going to try and catch up. Comics get syndicated, artists go on their own, and all I do is not update. But all is not lost! While not updating this site, I have secretly unveiled my new project!

As of right now, NQW is going on the backburner. In it's place tune to , where you can follow the heroic, MUSIC-filled antics of The Rockets. They are a band of rock n' roll super heroes who, well, rock out and fight villany the world over.

Why leave this comic behind? Why start this other new, and seemingly awesome comic? I started Not Quite Wrong as a way to get in some drawing practice. And it worked! Look at comic #1 (that's posted that is) and the latest here. I've added color, shading, detail, and much more. It has been a blast working on it, too. But the original idea behind this comic, "two guys are funny and wierd things happen", is just too generic for me. I don't do it well and plenty of other comics do it plenty better.

The other thing I had going for me, the weird antics of pirates, monkeys, ninjas, robots, and vikings, are just way too common in webcomics nowadays. Why do something that other people are doing better? So me and a good friend of mine, the person on which TJ is loosely based, decided to pursue another comic idea altogether. This means I go from writer / artist / inker / site host / designer to artist / inker / colorist. Half the tasks, all the glory!

The other big reason to start a new comic is to expand my talents in a new direction. I've been drawing people sitting around, striking goofy poses, walking around, and being silly for a while now. I like it just fine, but I'd like to try my hand at things slightly more realistic. Slightly more action-packed. Slightly more versatile in usage of my skills. So the new comic has all of those things in it. Sure, still humor, but some other elements that I could never work into NQW.

The other reason to direct your eyes there is to get everyone off my back about updating this site. I know, I suck at keeping up with updates on this comic! So those of you reading this, do me a favor and bookmark . When you're done with that, go over to and submit something for me. I'd love to be able to order a drink based on something I did. One suggestion I heard was a drink called the NQW: order it, get it promised to you the next day, then get it 2 months later. It may or may not have gin in it.

Finally, I have to thank all of the people who helped me do this comic, as well as inspire me on the new one. My non-webcomic-related friends Jesse, Justin, Rachel, Mary, Dana, Mazur, Lisa, Tim, Ben, and more. My webcomic peeps Jami, Joe, Jerry, Chris, Barb, Adie, Phil, and others.

If this site gets updated, I'll let you know through THE ROCKETS. It'll probably not be at least for a few months, but it isn't dead just yet. There's still more I'd like to say about Dudley and TJ. When I started this comic the two couldn't be more interchangable, but now they are characters with personalities and ambitions, or lack thereof. Lily and Dudley need to get to know each other, TJ has to find true calling in life, some one has to grow dreadlocks, and maybe Assless Chaps will get picked up by a record label. In short, there is more I'd like to come back and do someday, but I don't want to leave it hanging, WAITING for that day to come.

G'nite kids. Go read my other comic.

(May 27, 2006: A sorry excuse for filler)

It's been forever. A couple weeks since the last update, and a couple of months before that. 'Why do I still come to this site?' You wonder as you surf here, seeing yet the same image AGAIN. 'He said he was going to update!' 'He said there would be something new!' 'He said he'd call me the next day! It was just an early meeting!'

Well, you haven't been duped. You're here for a reason. And that reason, believe it or not, is a good one. As of this weekend, I'll be attending Balticon outside of Baltimore. I'm sharing a table with Jerry of Leftville and speaking on two panels. My topics?

How to not update
How to lose readers
Plot: What's the deal?
Recycling jokes 101
How to NOT draw webcomics
Art: Why bother?
How to cram in internet humor cliches (A DIY guide)
Ripping off Penny Arcade and getting away with it
Recycling jokes 101
Characters: Why be different?

If I sound a little bitter about my own work, I am. That is because I have been hard at work at a new comic. One that hopefully will be fresh, new, different, and update on a more often schedule. I always said that NQW was my excuse to draw until I come up with something better. Well, this is my something better. There will be a link to the new site here, so stay tuned.

(April 14, 2006: Car trouble?)

YEAH, I haven't updated in a whiile. Well, forever. Okay, 3 months. No speeches, no rants, just a new comic for now, and we'll take it from there.

Also, I went back and put one of the more recent b&w ones into color. THey sure do look better that way, don't they?

Anyway, I have missed comicking so much. I hope I get to keep it up. I feel like I've missed so much, and I've got lots to say. We'll see how long this keeps up I guess...
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