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About the 'Artist'

NQW is the creation of a guy named Ross. He has been drawing comics in some form or another for as long as he can remember. He recently graduated from American University in Washington, D.C. with a degree in Graphic Design, which he has been using most recently to experiment with this web site. He currently lives in D.C., and loves coffee, cereal, cheese, and pie. Not necessarily at the same time mind you...

More recently Ross has shown up in his comics, as you can see in these snapshots from this very website to the right. He is obviously a dashing man, though except for the above bio, little is known about this mystery trapped in an enigma, all wrapped in some sort of light fluffy pastry. He probably wears pants, but anything beyond that is pure speculation. He has been known to attend both comic and anime conventions.


About the Comic

Not Quite Wrong began in high school as something to do during geometry class. When I got to college, I wanted to write comics for the paper and decided to stick with the basic premise of most webcomics: two guys who go to college and crazy things happen. This got me started, and because it didn't look right to me, I called it Not Quite Right. After the first year, I discovered that NQR was already taken, so I changed it to Not Quite Wrong. NQW started its web presence a few years ago on keenspace, but I had little knowledge of .html and didn't really have my act together, so it didn't last long. It wasn't until May of 2005 when I began constructing this website. Yeah, the table at the top still has problems but it has a running archive of NQW comics, and new comics featured (almost) every Monday and Thursday.
(c) Not Quite Wrong, 2001-2005


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