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August 25, 2002: Writing home isn't what it seems.
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So here it is, the very first comic. Obviously enough, this blurb is written in retrospect. Let me take this chance to explain the beginnings of Not Quite Wrong.

So it all started when I got to college at American University in 2001, where I approached the school newspaper and they said I could draw a comic for them, once a week, and it would run in the paper. I was excited and happy and such. Sadly, I had no talent. As an example of my lack of talent, this is the first comic of my SECOND year and it STILL looks like crap. Speaking of which, you will NEVER see those first-year comics, cuz they were worse than this one. This was after 'the big breakthrough'.

So yeah, here's the first comic in the archive. It also does a good job of introducing the characters. They are Dudley, the man featured here, and TJ, his best friend. They are attending a college. It is a very simple premise, I know. Because I wanted to just get going on a comic, and I didn't have any strange ideas, so I figured it'd be a good start. NO I don't think this comic will ever make it big, but as you can see I have stuck with it for so long, that I have gained tons of experience and now think my next comic (or maybe what this comic turns into) will some day make it, and by that I mean people will read it, like you are doing right now. So keep going through the archive. At the time I'm writing this, there's about 100 so plenty to see.
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