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June 27, 2005: Untitled
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After three years of talk and speculation, I am proud to announce the launching of! Here, you will find Ross Nover's take on the basic premise of two guys going to college, just like every other webcomic on the face of the planet. There are ninjas, pirates, monkies, robots, video games, anime, general silliness, and every once and a while a joke or two.

This comic originally started as a comic for the American University newspaper (The Eagle). After the first year, I decided I should shift to a webcomic format and begin putting them online. Three years later, here we are. Throughout the next couple of weeks I will be filling in the archive with the comics written for The Eagle, while also beginning the weekly update schedule of twice a week. You can keep your eyes open for new comics every monday and thursday, beginning So check back thursday for a new comic, and keep your eyes peeled for additions to the archive. I have more than a few gaps to fill in, about 50 comics in total that need to be rescanned and posted.

I have been wanting to break into the world of webcomics for quite a while, but I wound up waiting until I felt my comics have gotten a little bit better. Please bear with me while I settle into this new medium, and feel free to email me with any questions/comments/suggestions/etc. I welcome them all. Please bookmark this page, send it to your friends, and generally get the word out there as we all try to make NQW a household name.

While I'm sure I'll also do it elsewhere, I must thank all the people who contributed directly to this comic and this website: Tim Clem, Rachel Mooney, and Jesse Miksic for their design consultation and programming prowess.

If you would like to reach me about anything, the email link is below.
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