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July 4, 2005: hARRR hARRR hARRR
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Happy 4th of July, you patriotic pansies! Well, it isn't like I think you are actually pansies, but I figured I'd use some nice alliteration. I mean, that's the fun thing about the joys of writing.

Anywho, the comic you see above: I like it. I hope you do too. I decided that the tale of a Pirate, a Viking, and a Ninja living together in the same house was an idea too good to pass up. Still this pirate-joke, like most others, owes thanks to my real-life pirate friend, the Dread Pirate Haines. Haines has sailed the seven seas all his life, and has been able to steal dubloons from more ships along the Spanish Main than you can shake a stick at. Below follows his tale:

The Dread Pirate Haines

Once, many years ago, lived a boy named Ken. He yearned for a life of adventure, and a chance to set sail on the open sea. You see, for Ken, the real world was too much, but the world of fantasy not enough. As such, he decided to stow away on a rather scrappy ocean liner, known as the Holiday. The Holiday was a bold ship, but had seen better years. After months of scrounging around off the coast of Alabama, the crew came under fire by a rather ruthless bunch of pirates under the command of a Captain Redblood Carafiol...

More on that next time.
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