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July 26, 2005: Introducing...
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Okie dokie! So, here is the new update I've been promising. Y'all can expect another one today (Tuesday) to make up for the one I missed on Thursday. I'm still settling into things, but sorry for all the trouble.

Above is a comic that looks like it makes no sense to the majority of you. Consider it a preview to the new look, style, and direction of NQW, as we try and settle in to the new web format. You see, as some of you might know, NQW used to be the number-one comic at my recent alma mater, American University in D.C. So the point is, that NQW is going to try and have a different purpose. Yeah, hopefully, it'll be funnier than it ever was, but it will also try and have some semblance of a setting. I mean right now, here are the facts of NQW (assuming all the back-logged comics are up, which they will be FOR SURE this week):
There are two guys, Dudley and TJ. They go to college somewhere. There are pirates, ninjas, vikings, and monkeys. They all just kinda hang around, and generally some type of supposed hilarity ensues.

With all this plethora of information, it has been quite a feat that there has been enough material for four years. So now, I hope to expand on CHARACTERS, have some PLOT, and hopefully tell an interesting STORY or two. The problem thus far has been avoiding the web-comic standards of
1) Some guys in college
2) buncha guys working in an office
3) video game sprite humor
4) dinosaur comics.

Here's hoping I can manage to be unique and original, given how many great comics there are out there. Be sure to let me know what you think of any or all of this. I'm out. Peace.
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