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September 11, 2005: ...and they let me have my own website
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Some site news: This site is mostly complete. As soon as I fix the top table (which I cannot get to work with tables and I'm still learning CSS), it will be pretty much caught up. The links and about secitons are both full of oh so fun content, so until I decide I need some more crap on this page, I'm proud to say it is all finally there.

So here it is, the first new comic in a long while. I'm getting back to what I know, which in this case is myself. Is this the start of something new? Very possibly. I'm not thrilled about the artwork, but I was a bit out of practice and I'm getting back in the habit. I actually had a busted scanner on my hands, so I had to take a picture of the comic, then photoshop it from there. I'm good enough at being awesome that it looks alright. I know, hold your applause. Seriously, you're too kind.

Because I'm a webcomic artist, I shall now take this time to bitch about something simply because I can. I'll leave WoW, hurricane Katrina, politics, current events, and all that crap to the other guys. I'm here to talk to you about Naruto. Naruto, if you aren't one of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people who have seen or heard of this anime hit, is an anime about a young boy who, after being an outcast in his home ninja village, decides he must do whatever it takes to become the #1 ninja in his village! This is not to be mixed up with a show about a boy who is an outcast who wants to be the #1 master of all the little creatures he collects, nor the show about the guy and his sidekick who travel around trying to be the #1 fighters in the world, nor the one about the guy who aw, you get the idea. Anyways, Naruto is one of the better mainstream long-running anime I've seen. Something about it, I dunno. Ninjas and stuff.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. So they decided to put it on Cartoon Network. Okay, fine. And yeah, you're gonna dub it. I'm not gonna like it, and it'll never be as good, but I get it. Making it dubbed lets it catch a wider audience. But then I looked at the casting schedule. Now I know all of you haven't seen the show, but there is a character named Orochimaru. This guy is evil, sneaky, snake-like, vile, and the nemesis of about 80 or so episodes. He's the big bad guy for a while there. You know who they got to do his voice?

Tony Danza. Ever see Whos the Boss? Yeah, THAT Tony Danza.

Here and now I am starting a campaign to get Tony Danza removed from Naruto, to be replaced with anyone more appropriate. Somehow someone famous for shouting 'hey angela' (and possibly BAP to those in certain circles) doesn't seem the right man for the most nefarious ninja to ever come out of Hidden Leaf Village.

Also, this game is fun.
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