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September 26, 2005: The plot advances to knight's pawn 4.
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So here's the quick version, since I have lots of real world-type things to do today: First of all, SPX was awesome. I had a chance to meet some really awesome people, and hand out a buncha flyers. If YOU are now visiting the site because of one of the forementioned flyers, you r0xx0r my b0xx0rs. Later, or possibly with the next update, I will be posting a list of the cool people I met, along with weblinks to thier awesome sites as I promised them (and also to my uncle Ben! With great power comes great need for orange chicken!)

As for the comic above, it took FOREVER to come up with. More on the process in teh journal a little later today. I'm moving the plot right along, which makes me happy. Very happy. Happy in a way that makes greens greener, food taste better, and animals seem more perky.

I said in the last post that I was going to try and change the format around a little bit in order to update more. This is in fact true. The next update will be on Wednesday (probably mid to late in the day) and it will be the guest comic I promised to put up. Then again on friday, a new comic in the ever-growing story arc that, until people tell me otherwise, I will continue onward. FORGING FOWARD! EVER FOWARD!

I've tried to make a point of posting little fun things in my rants in order to make the reading a little more interesting to people that don't really care about the website yet. In this time I would like to tell you guys a little bit about my addiction to The West Wing. I was always a Sports Night fan, Sorkin's first show, and when he started doing WW I was thrilled. Then he left the show, and it went a bit downhill, but leveled out and found its own little niche. Mind you, it hasn't had the combination of humor, wit, and drama that the show was known for, but I felt that the plots and stories stayed somewhat true to the vision. The focus became more about showing how politics can get in the way of a perfectly good plan for world domination. Well, they went and screwed it all up in the season premiere, which aired last night. There are two characters that need to just admit that they love each other, Josh and Donna. Well last night, after a really cool opening sequence, they went and screwed that all up, having Josh be a complete IDIOT and not hire Donna. I'm gonna kick half the writing staff of WW square in the crotch if I ever meet them.

Whew. I feel better. OK, so see you late Wednesday. Byeeeee!
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