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September 28, 2005: Red Fraggle by Laura
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So a while back, while watching the Fraggle Rock vol. 1 DVDs, my friend Laura decided to draw a guest comic. The comments on such comic are rather self-explanatory. Sorry to those K-12ers checking out the site that think this strays a little over the line...

So since I couldn't get Laura to write me a blurb to go along with it, I invite the guest blurb-er Ben:

As surely as the sun shall rise in the east; as surely as there will always be an England; Ross will get other people to do work for him. This is your guest blurb-ist Ben Carafiol, reporting to you live from Wake Forest University School of Law. As you can guess, life here is full of reading books, reading cases, and reading cases inside books. The library has become like a first home to me, relegating my apartment ot secondary home status. But there's really no room to complain. After all, I'm PAYING an arm and a leg for this wonderful life.

But still, there is time for more than books and papers. For instance, my flag football team is about to go to the playoffs in our intramural division. Granted we haven't won a single game, but when your league consists of four teams, it's not too hard to get in.

One thing that has kept me going to this point, and has now been taken away from me, is Battlestar Galactica. After a long week of work, I could look forward to a new episode of tv's greatest show. But last week was the mid-season "finale" cliffhanger, and I must wait until next semester before new episodes air.

So that blows.

Overall, though, life is good here. And I have a futon with your name on it should you choose to visit. If you know my old basement, you know the futon very well. So drop by for a visit, and I'll show you the best Winston-Salem has to offer. Unfortunately, outside of cigarettes we don't got much. But it's home.

This is your guest blurb-ist, Ben Carafiol, saying "go f*** yourself, San Diego."

Finally, I still haven't posted about SPX. It was amazing, and I want to give shout-outs to all the people nice enough to talk to me. However, I got so much swag at that darn expo that I still haven't gotten through it all yet to get in all the linkage I'm promising. Still, Serenity is out this weekend. Go see that.
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