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October 17, 2005: Sunday Throw-Away
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The comic above says it's Sunday, and the date above says it is MONDAY. Here's the deal: I drew this as a throw-away extra comic for the weekend, as a warmup to drawing the rest of the comics I was getting done this weekend. Instead I hit a piece of HORRIBLE writer's block, and got stopped. In an effort to keep up the M-W-F schedule, this is going up today, and Monday's comic will probably go up tomorrow (Tuesday) and then we'll be back on track for Wednesday.

I really like this comic because it is based on a true story. I've noticed my comic has strayed into the 'inappropriate' range a few times. I never really planned out what the audience for this comic would be, I always treated it mostly as good practice for me, and that is about the most thought I put into the planning. I don't think it is anti-children (for the most part, except when Red Fraggle gets called a whore for eating all the doozer's buildings), but it isn't really what I want to be the primary audience.

All this comes up now because I found out I do have some younger readers. I'm okay with that if they are. I mean, at no point in this comment to I advise to do anything bad except be a smart-ass, play video games, and drink too much coffee. One time 'Ross' had a beer, but that really isn't too bad. I just have this huge fear of riotous parents knocking down my door and mutilating me. For some reason that gets to me, but the idea of some fundamentalist group getting upset never does. Piss off all the adults you want, but leave the kids out of it.

That's all I got for now. See ya around.
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