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November 21, 2005: It all comes full circle.
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I haven't updated in a week. Many of you have probably noticed this. Well, I have good news and bad news. I'll start with the good news.

The Good News
First of all, there's a new comic up. This is the holiday season, and as such you are all supposed to be thankful for things. So be thankful that there is a new comic here, and I don't mind a little self-horn-tooting by saying it looks great. Not only that, but it is HILARIOUS. If you don't think this comic is hilarious, maybe you have forgotten about this comic which pretty much set this up two months ago. If THAT one doesn't make sense, it might be helpful to go back to this comic which started TJ and Dudley on this whole path back when the comic first went live on the internet all those months ago. The plan was always to get to this point, and now we're here. Exciting, isn't it? Also in the way of good news, I have 2 weeks worth of comics ready for you. So be sure to check back the next m/w/f for the next few weeks to see it all happen.

The Bad News
These next 2 weeks of comics, while hilarious and awesome, are the product of my good buddy JJ, for which the character of TJ was originally based. That isn't to say that JJ is secretly brilliant, working at a messenger service, or anything else that TJ normally does. He is however tall, lanky, has long hair (or did last time I saw him), glasses, and is a good friend. Awww.

Wait, I kinda got away from the bad news.

The bad news is that I'm not sure what is going to happen AFTER this 2 week guest comic hiatus. I'm not giving up comics or even webcomics. I'm going to keep doing them for a long while, but I am starting a new job and I'll have less and less time for comics. As such, I'll have to go to a less frequent updating schedule. I haven't figured out the details on all that, but I'll be posting later with that kinda stuff.

The problem is I have all these other ideas, and I want to get to them eventually. With less time all around for comics, the idea of using all that time for NQW is difficult, when I have so many other ideas that want to come out. I'll be updating about all that later, so for now enjoy what's here. I know that you will, otherwise you wouldn't keep coming back.

Sorry for the delay guys. Happy Thanksgiving and all that other such.

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