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December 2, 2005: Osama Bin Nixon!!!1!
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Ah, here we are in December. Exciting for many a-reason. Here we are on strip number 121, and in month number 7 (wow, SEVEN!) of the website. We get about 40-50 hits a day right now, which is up from the original 10-20 back in the middle of June when we started. I think back on all that, and I wonder how I've made it this far. I mean, I'm so damn lazy. I haven't gotten my act together in SO many ways, and yet I've managed to keep this up. All cartoonists do a post like this, so I figured I'd do mine. Okay, I'm done.

More from JJ. Post on the LJ.

Oh, a few things coming up in the next couple of days. By the time of the next post, I'll be a whopping 22 years old. That's right, Sunday is my birthday. Good times. Also Saturday is my parent's anneversary, today is my friend Miksic's birthday, and not to mention Andrew's, Adam's, Dave's, and Liz's birthdays all around today. Man, those December birthdays really make you wonder what the hell was so special about 9 months ago. Go figure.

Okay, later guys. Thanks for keeping the site going.
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