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January 16, 2006: Okay, I don't have a title.
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Wow, so much for frequent updates. Luckily, I have a good excuse. Sickness. I was extremely sick for a few days there, and it was NOT fun. I would much rather have drawn comics for YOU, my WONDERFUL fans. We are still considering this part of the comeback, as NQW will be going strong. I will have to keep the updates infrequent for the time being, though. Partially because life is hectic and crazy and there are lots of other things on my plate. Also partly because doing them in color, which I think gives them MUCH more character and style, means they take twice as long. So in other words this comic will stand and fight, but it will do so less often than before.

Speaking of color, did any of you happen to catch this little gem? Mitch Clem decided to give color a try. Now, I freely admit I try and hone my drawing style after other webcomic artists, but here is something of note. I switch my comic to color. Then, days later, NN2S has THEIR comic in color. Coincidense? Fate? Mitch Clem paying homage to his secret favorite webcomic? You decide.

Well, thanks for hanging in there. There is talk of starting up a new webcomic, that I would draw and a friend of mine would write. This man, while a social Leper, has a very Clean writing style and wit that I think would be great for comics and awesome for a webcomic. Most of all, it would get him away from his little plastic models for a little bit. We'll see what happens with it.

Peace out, homeslice.
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