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January 20, 2006: Could use more mayo...
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First off, sorry the comic isn't in color yet. Color takes a while, and I just haven't gotten to it yet. If the comic above IS in fact in color, then I have since taken the time to fix this comic. Either way, the comic is awesome either way. For those of you that are color blind, you're set because it'll look the same either way. Well, that's not exactly true. People with color blindness just see shades of grey instead of the hue they should see due to a lack of cones firing in their retina, but this does not effect their rods which see black and white, and hence they would still see that there were areas of shading. I wonder if there's ever been someone who was the opposite of color blind, who was missing black and white but could see in color. I assume it would look something like my TV when it hasn't finished warming up, the only difference being if I hit a person with said ailment in the head it won't necessarily fix it.

I hope you guys are enjoying the comics. I don't get much feedback, so I'm kinda shooting in the dark with most of this stuff. Still, I'd like to remake my request for writers that might like to help out with the site, either with this storyline or another. Yes, this could be YOU. Think about it.

Lastly for today, as I'm still settling into an updating schedule, look for a new comic again on Monday, and for the color update of this one over the weekend. That's it. No cool links, no funny anecdotes, nothing. Just this. That's all you get for today.

Hah! I lied! I've been rewatching some old internet flash movies, and a few are still awesome. Here are a few of them: This, this, this (Thanks to Real Life Comics for the link back in the day), and this.
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