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January 27, 2006: They're Always Watching...
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They are always watching. Watching until you move your car. Then the minute you get out your keys, they hear that metal jingle, sounding to them like revelrie at the racetrack. By the time you're in your car, have checked your mirrors, and have the car in reverse, they are ON TOP of you. They pounce with a silent frenzy. Such is the coveted nature of a parking space in the city. Beware, it won't be long until your joy ride ends, and you are forced to search for a space yourself, and you find yourself turning into one of THEM. It is a vicious cycle.

A quick comic note. We're gonna stick with the monday/friday schedule, and I'm gonna try to keep up a sketch-post on Wednesdays. That way you keep your M-W-F viewing schedule, and I keep my sanity by only having to do 2 comics a week. I'll give you some hints though, we'll be taking things in a more story-driven direction. We'll get to see Dudley's infamous car, and TJ hasn't been at work in a long while. All things to look foward to as we come up on 150 comics on the site, so stay tuned.

Now for a fun link. Check out Ask A Ninja for a weekly 2-minute video podcast about asking a ninja for his opinion on things. It is really very funny. For those of you that haven't gotten in on the whole 'podcast thing', it is larger than any of us ever realized. There are literally thousands out there, and most of them suck. So when I tell you that there is one out there that is any good, this is your cue to go there right now--I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU'RE DOING--and check out this stuff. Search for it in the iTunes Music Store, go to the site, whatever you gotta do. Just do it.

Hope you guys love this stuff. Post on the board about it, or shoot me an email below. Later.
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