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First of all I must give credit to the people who keep NQW in service. Here's to them. Truth be told I read approximately 50 web comics. That isn't to say that I check all of them every day, but I have at some point or another managed to catch up on the archives, or at least generally keep up to date with them. I'm not going to list all 50 here, but here are some of the big webcomic sites, as well as some of the small ones I think you should go to also. I'm not going to provide long descriptions, because you can just go to their pages and read them for yourself. Tell them Big Irma sent ya. (Actually, just tell them to link to NQW.)

NQW Livejournal Community

Penny Arcade


Blank Label Comics

Punks and Nerds

Mac Hall

The Devil's Panties

Nothing Nice to Say

Angry Zen Master

Malfunction Junction

Rob and Elliot

Diesel Sweeties

If YOU would like to see a link here to another webcomic, please feel free to email me, or just send $20 to me and it'll show up lickety split. Yeah, I just said 'lickety split' and let me tell you something: I even said it with a straight face. I am THAT talented.
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