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April 15, 2004: If you get this you don't need glasses.
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Note: Welcome to the Not Quite Wrong archive! This isn't actually the first comic, but it is the earliest I got to in my archiving process for the first unveiling of the website. In a few more days, this won't be the 'earliest' comic, as more of the earlier ones fill the archive. So yeah, I like Don Hertzfeldt. That, and I was out of ideas the day I went to draw this comic. That probably makes a little more sense when you realize that I originally drew these comics for my college newspaper, The Eagle. As such, most of the earlier ones don't have story lines, since I didn't have a consistent audience. Later, or rather more recently, and after much begging, I got them to put me in twice a week instead of only once. Also, these comics were not necessarilly drawn on the day that it says it was, but I'm trying to approximate them now that I'm going back and filling in the archive.
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