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April 14, 2005: A Ninja's Worst Fear
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Sometimes, I have to write comics when I have no time, no ideas, and etc. Sometimes it goes badly, and sometimes it goes well. This goes down as one of the comics that has gotten some of the greatest feedback from all of my friends and family that have seen it, which just goes to show you that you sometimes have to be EXTREMELY without sleep to get the good ideas in. I just wish it wasn't so TIRING to be so tired.

So when I went to write this one, I basically drew up to the surrounded by ninjas part, and then got stuck. How could Dudley get away from these ninjas? I wanted to ask for help, but I figured if I asked straight up, people might try and use LOGIC and REASON in their answers. I didn't want that. So I just had whomever was in the room at the time call out a noun. "Banana!" The rest just flowed.
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