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July 16, 2005: We "work" for you
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Normally, I draw comics on Wednesday. Well, I spent wednesday afternoon having to work late. See, I work at this summer camp (where I used to teach comics, go figure...) and the bus that was supposed to pick up the campers didn't come until 5:45, when it normally comes at 4pm. So sadly, there went my day. It was turning into a Lord of the Flies kind of moment, and lets just say I didn't have the conch. Thursday didn't go much better, and Friday was equally a wash. So, finally, after a full day of wasting time, I present the newest comic.

The nice thing is you guys get an extra comic out of the deal, as in the end there is the next comic that continues the epic NQW story and this special 'bonus' one above. I am still settling into this new comic schedule, but keep checking back on Mondays and Thursdays for our new comic as we go into the end of our first month online.

For those of you wondering how many people have been to the site so far, our current site statistics put us somewhere around 750! I'm very excited about this, since I haven't even done much advertising and I'm on my way to 1,000 views in my first month. This excites me to no end, so keep checking the site and tell everyone you know to do the same.

Last night the new HP book came out. I'm not going to lie: I ordered it online and got it today, and I STILL went to a midnight HP party at a nearby Borders. I am indeed that special kind of nerd, but that shouldn't be news by now.

I'm still trying to fix the HTML so it doesn't stretch the comics the way is currently does. Tomorrow it should be back to the way it should be, along with a few more comics in the archive. THEN a new comic on monday! Aren't YOU lucky!!!

The Dread Pirate Haines (Part 4)

After being at sea all this time, our sneaky pirate and ninja Haines has learned many things about being generally awesome. Then, he went mini-golfing with me and the rest of my friends. We won at skeeball and could only use the tickets for cheap pirate-type eye patches. Haines, being as clever as he was, has an amazing ability to make wearing an eye patch and having a lack of depth perception very funny. Also, wearing two eye patches makes things very dARRRRRk.

So ends the story of our Dread Pirate Haines.

Keep checking the site! I'm still updating! Also on the horizon, NQW will be at Otakon, being generally awesome!
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