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August 8, 2005: Moving on...
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Howdy campers! It is very late on Monday night, so technically Tuesday. That means this comic is up late. My bad guys, my bad. As you can see from the comic above, it took a whole lot of time. Hopefully you can tell, you see the difference, and you like it.

My life has been pretty busy lately, but is beginning to lighten up. I finished my summer job and am now beginning to shift gears to working on more important things, like finding a more permanent job. No doubt this is reflected in the comic. Part of this scheme is this very website, which means talking up my comic at Otakon. If YOU want to join the NQW Street Team, it is starting up soon. More details up later this week. You can take that seriously, moreso than all the other times I say things like that, because I have no 'job' or 'income' to get in the way of me working on this comic. Also, my new comic 'Wonder Steve and the Rockets' is well under way, and I'll be sure to give details on that soon.

As a quick piece of artist's commentary, the new style owes a bunch to a guy who has no idea who I am, Matt Milby. He was working on a comic for a long time called Gin and the Devil and is now starting up a new one called Malfunction Junction. I love the art on both and they inspired me greatly with different 'camera angles' and also the way my new style looks.

If you guys want to post on the comic or see my otherwise generic rantings, check out my lj where I complain about everything. Complain about my comic!
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