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August 22, 2005: Otakon 2005
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A Quick Hello

Hello everybody! A special hello to those of you coming from Otakon 2005. It's great to see you! If you don't know how you got the flyer for this site, I'm the guy in the comic with the Naruto headband and the vest, who was probably pestering you and handing out flyers. Glad to see you didn't just throw the thing away. This is my webcomic, in all its ugly, mediocre glory!

Stuff about the comic

I spent a bunch of time on this one, and it turned out tons better than the last one. I really like drawing the comic on the computer with a tablet, but it is a big step backwards art-wise if you ask me. I like how the backgrounds turned out, but I HATE colors! HATE THEM! I think I'll switch back to b&w to make my life a little easier. I sketched, drew, and colored it in illustrator, and then colored in photoshop. I love those programs, but I really just need practice at this sort of thing. So what you see above is attempt 2 at a computer-drawn comic, so be gentle!

I really did love the tentacle guy, it was the best outfit I saw the whole time. Big apologies to my friend Joe, whom I promised to include in the comic. Sorry Joe! You're awesome, and I wish I had room to draw you in! I didn't want to just stick you in the background, so I promise here and now that I will devote ENTIRE COMICS to you in the future.

Otakon 2005 Review

Otakon was a great time. I only went for Saturday, and went with my NQW 'street team' of Joe and Mazur. We got there at 9AM and in the nick of time, they hit their attendance cap of 22,000 or 25,000 not long afterwards. It was good to get to a big con, and see all the sights. Yeah, all the stuff in the comic really happened. Especially the part about me handing out flyers. I handed out 400! I really love my comic, and I wish people saw it, so this seemed like a good chance to get the word out.

Though not mentioned in the comic (because it wasn't that funny but still exciting) I got a chance to meet a ton of webcomic artists. I met the guys from Mac Hall, Rob and Elliot, Swordwaltzer, Punks and Nerds, Little Gamers, Apple Geeks, and to be honest a few more I'm not remembering right now. I tried to buy as much of their swag as I could, but I only have so much money! So do me a fav guys and check out their sites and support them too!

Speaking of swag, the Megatokyo booth was freakin HUGE!!! Man, if anyone sold out, it'd be them. Nah, I'm just jealous. I haven't followed the comic for a while, but I checked it when I got back from the con and it has come a long way. Rock on!

So it was a full day. I'll probably do another con comic for thursday, since so much happened in a day. I've still got to mention the video games room and all the little this-and-that stuff. Speaking of which, the Naruto video games are AWESOME. The 4-player cube game is awesomeness personified! I need to find a mod for my cube and then import the CRAP out of it! It was SOOO much fun! The only problem was that I could only play 1 round every 20 minutes, since you had to wait in line to play. Put on top of that, most people playing already knew how to play so I just got to sit down, get killed, and watch everyone else play. Again and again and again. The funniest part was watching people dressed as Neji or Sakura playing the game and talking about how much THE CHARACTER THEY ARE DRESSED AS sucks. Anybody else see the irony?

Okay, that is WAY too much of a post. I'll talk to ya later. Check the NQW journal for more.
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