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October 26, 2005: Dress Code
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A final insult on TJ's first day of work. Some of you may say that these comics haven't been as funny or interesting as some of the others. There has been less humor in TJ's workplace than you might expect from this comic. Well, sometimes work isn't always funny, is all I'm trying to say. Or sometimes it is, but in a way you wouldn't like it to be. That happens.

Plenty is in the works here at NQW, so keep coming back. SOrry this update went up late, but it still went up and that's good news to me. Sorry to Dave, who called me drunk on his way home to see if the comic had gone up yet, so he would even bother checking. Here ya go, Dave.

And finally, a shout-out to my first piece of fan email. Greetings to a reader in Montreal! Speaking of readers, hi to all of you from the LJ communities I frequent. I'm glad my shameless linking has gotten you here, please check around and let me know what you think.
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