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November 2, 2005: No, I'm Not Lore Brand Comics.
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As commentary for this strip, I only have a few quick things to say. One is that I felt like taking a break from the storyline for this comic, so bear with me. I wanted a break from drawing TJ and Duds for a day, and I honestly couldn't think of much else. It was either post something like this, or not post anything but a placeholder, and I didn't feel that would be fair.

Another thing is that if you don't watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you really should. His show is just amazing. It is clever and also funny as hell. They point out what is going on in the world and poke more at the media than they do at the government. It makes for highly interesting watching. At what point did we turn around and did the Daily Show have credibility? It is awesome. The Colbert Report is okay, but I'm sorry it just isn't the Daily Show just yet. Okay, that's all I got. Tune in on Friday when we'll pick up with TJ and Dudley, and thanks for bearing with me while I find a true voice for NQW.
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