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May 27, 2006: A sorry excuse for filler
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It's been forever. A couple weeks since the last update, and a couple of months before that. 'Why do I still come to this site?' You wonder as you surf here, seeing yet the same image AGAIN. 'He said he was going to update!' 'He said there would be something new!' 'He said he'd call me the next day! It was just an early meeting!'

Well, you haven't been duped. You're here for a reason. And that reason, believe it or not, is a good one. As of this weekend, I'll be attending Balticon outside of Baltimore. I'm sharing a table with Jerry of Leftville and speaking on two panels. My topics?

How to not update
How to lose readers
Plot: What's the deal?
Recycling jokes 101
How to NOT draw webcomics
Art: Why bother?
How to cram in internet humor cliches (A DIY guide)
Ripping off Penny Arcade and getting away with it
Recycling jokes 101
Characters: Why be different?

If I sound a little bitter about my own work, I am. That is because I have been hard at work at a new comic. One that hopefully will be fresh, new, different, and update on a more often schedule. I always said that NQW was my excuse to draw until I come up with something better. Well, this is my something better. There will be a link to the new site here, so stay tuned.
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