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July 10, 2005: Ninjas R teh r0xx0r
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Howdy! Welcome to another edition of NQW! I'd like to give a big 'wassup' to all of you newbies who have made your way from the Bob and George forums. Make yourselves at home, but watch out for the dog. Sparky doesn't like strangers, and has an 'overactive' bladder. Yeahhhhh...

SO... the comic... Yeah, I know that Pirates and Vikings are just as cool as ninjas, but come on! No axe is as cool as a grappling hook. I mean, it's a GRAPPLING HOOK. What can you possibly say about that? I mean you can CLIMB WALLS with it. CLIMB WALLS! Come on!

OK, enough about that. Meanwhile, I hope you guys like that last panel. Yeah, that's the pirate. Recognize the reference? Eyepatch, ninja... check it out. Anyone out there a Kakashi fan? And now back to our tale, already in progress:

The Dread Pirate Haines (Part 3)

Meanwhile in the ocean lived a ninja, who sailed the seas with a ragtag crew of ninja/pirate buddies. As it turns out, all ships that sailed the sea had a ragtag crew, but that is besides the point. This crew, sailing under a ninja named Six Toes, was on a mission to hunt down Carafiol and his crew. He had been hot on their trail for about a year, but people were more patient then so it wasn't a big deal.

Six Toes and his crew snuck up on their prey in the dead of night, taking them completely by surprise. That is, except for little Ken, who was a light sleeper and had been up late trying to remember the lyrics to a song that had been stuck in his head all day. Now he saw the ninjas board his ship, and came up with a brilliant idea. He grabbed his sheets, tied them around himself, and disguised himself as a ninja.

The thing about ninjas is they are not normally big on personal relationships. As such, Ken was able to sneak in with this crew undetected. However, he was not able to save his beloved captain...

I hope you enjoy all this silliness. Seriously, email me and let me know what you think at the link below.
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