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July 7, 2005: Don't you hate ninjas?
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Howdy howdy howdy! Or rather, I should be saying, "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" I know, I didn't update yesterday, thursday. Sadly, this was out of my hands. I haven't had internet the past couple of days, but I still tried to get the comic done on time. I know, this was the 4th real update, so still a webcomic in its infancy. You must believe that I'm working on it, and I know that reliability is part of it. I'm workin on it! OK, enough about that.

Hope you like the comic. There are a bunch of things I'm trying to do lately, but unless you're a McCloud, Eisner, or Miksic, I'm gonna skip the sequential art details and move on. I'm sticking with this story line for a few more comics, unless I hear from everyone how horrible it is. Bah, I'm sticking with it anyways.

The Dread Pirate Haines (Part 2)

Redblood Carafiol had been commanding a ragtag, ragamuffin group of misfits across the seas for what seemed like ages, but was actually about 20 minutes. Still, he yearned for someone who would provide a proper first mate, as First Mate Mack had been killed in a previous engagement. When Carafiol and his ship, the Spinoza, came upon Haines they knew they had found a new member, and the captain knew he had found a mate--er, FIRST mate.

For three years Haines sailed under Carafiol, learning the skills that a pirate needs to know. How to look mean, how to act mean, when to say 'ARRRR' and so on. In his third year onboard the ship, trouble struck while en route to pillage the giant ham farm in the sandwitch isles... (to be continued)

New comic up next monday, and every monday and thursday! It'll be up sunday night sometime, promise!!!
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