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September 1, 2005: Teh Justin Steps In
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So I have obviously not been updating. There are plenty of things to say about what has been going on, but instead I will tell a quick story. So Justin, my friend of 4 or so years and previous roommate (as well as fellow pack-mate...) volunteered to fill in. He has little or no artistic ability, but has always been my goto-guy when it comes to tweaking my comics. Here is his chance to put up or shut up. His rant follows:

So during the above featured conversation, your friendly neighborhood Rosserman made the terrible mistake of mentioning to me that his comic would go on hiatus because he didn't have time to write/draw new material.

After plying him with his own free refills, I managed to secure an exclusive Guest Artist(TM) contract. So the good news is, Not Quite Wrong will live on till we can return you to your regularly scheduled strips. The bad news is, I can't draw. Oops.

Now back to Ross: More of Teh Justin is on the way. Probably tomorrow. If you want to know about the reason for no posting, check the lj.
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