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September 5, 2005: Sprite Comics BEWARE!!!
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To give Justin a break from his guest duties, my buddy Mazur (best seen here) picked up the slack. Here is his post about it:

First off, let me just say that this comic is NOT endorsed by Brian Clevinger of 8-Bit Theater, or Ross Nover of Not Quite Wrong. Secondly, it occured to me that in the first 3 pannel sit's kinda hard to tell which lines are T.J.'s and which lines are Dudley's...then it occured to me that it doesn't matter.

I know it's nothing like 8-BT in style, so much as that its edited Final Fantasy 1-3 sprites, and i DID steal Brians sprite of Bikke the pirate, but if you've looked through the archives you know why there are different sprites representing T.J. and Dudley in each pannel.

Back to Ross: So there you have it. One more Justin comic on thursday, and then back to NQW you know and love. Or rather, don't know and don't love. Or rather, may have heard of and might consider giving a chance.

Btw, I should mention that this comic is made as a .png, so if you have any trouble email me below and I'll fix it. Later.
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