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September 8, 2005: Justin Strikes Back
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Justin also drew this little gem. If you don't get it, you obviously haven't been checking out the recently upgraded archive section. As of this posting, the archive features 90 comics (including today's) making, yknow, a whole bunch more than before. So check it out.

For a few days there, I actually had a few readers. You see, Josh Mirman of Punks and Nerds had me linked in his last update, and people were actually checking out the site. Thanks to Josh, but our readership went like this:

Amount of hits for NQW each day

Days before the link: 35
Days during the link: 130
Days following the link: 30

So in actuality, I now have LESS readers than when I started. Gee, THANKS Josh!

Next update will be something of mine again, but in the meantime you should all write me guest comics and mail them to OR start posting on the NQW journal. I'm outie like a belly button.
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