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October 12, 2005: And I thought I was emo
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The update schedule has been blown way off. WAY off. I think I've missed a total of 2 updates with last week, and the dates on the last few posted don't add up to any sort of schedule. I will keep aiming for the monday / wednesday / friday schedule, and hopefully this will be the first one on the right track to get there. Some time soon (like this weekend) I'll try and make up for the updates missed. This will throw off the calendar, but catch up on the correct number of comics.

Speaking of number of comics, notice the number above? It's above 100! That means there are OVER 100 strips on this website! Isn't that awesome? I thought so too. In honor of that, uh... I dunno. I'll do a little dance. You can't see it, but I'm doing it. A little dance. Yup.

A shout out to the Blank Label Comics podcasts. They are funny, interesting, and keep my mind off of the work I'm doing. I am officially caught up in the podcast craze. Beyond that one I found podcasts with commentary on Battlestar Galactica episodes, and a show of covers called 'Coverville'. If you search, you'll find 'em.

I'm going to be updating the site this weekend. Nothing huge, just simple stuff like fixing the banner at the top, and linking to the lj from the main page. Maybe a "___ days since last missed update" counter... Well that's it for now. I'm going to go to sleep, and turn off 'Old School Degrassi' on Noggin. Lata.

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