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January 9, 2006: Lily's Break
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HOLY CRAP. Can it be true? Are my eyes failing me? Is that---COLOR!?!? It sure is. I hope you like it. I expect the switchboards to be lit up with craziness over this sort of thing. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I'm crazy. Or maybe it's crazy enough to work...

Enough of that silliness. So here we are back on track, and I want to kick today in the groin by telling you about 3 (that's right, THREE) comics that I think you guys need to check out.

Leftville is a somewhat new to the web comic about some friends being funny. Yeah, I know that tells you everything you need to know. Just check it out.

Joe Dunn (of the gigantic Digital Pimp Online)
This man is the hardest working toonist on the web. He's currently working on Coffee Achievers, Free Lunch, Matriculated, and Joe Loves Crappy Movies (did I catch it all, Joe?). And they all look great. Funny crap and all worth checking out. I linked to the main site he works from, you can find more linkage from there. The rest of the guys over at Digital Pimp are also awesome, I've finally started catching up on Fishtank Tango and Retail Rage, and they are also sweetness.

Count Your Sheep
Finally, there is the cuteness of Count Your Sheep. I'm never sure whether this comic is gonna be hilarious, sweet, or just interesting. The artwork is great, and the guy just LOVES the color blue. If you also love the color blue, I suggest checking it out.

So stay tuned for another comic. I plan on having it up Wednesday, but it might have to wait until Thursday for color. I obviously have NO buffer going right now, so it just depends on getting to it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully I'll be able to work ahead a little bit in the near future. And as always, post what you think over on teh LJ.
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