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June 30, 2005: Movie Madness
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GREETINGS! Welcome to NQW's first official update! I would like to start by thanking all of you who have visited the site in the past couple of days. Thanks to our little 'word of mouth' campaign, we managed to attract over 300 hits in less than a week. If you ask me, that's a pretty good start! So please do me a favor and KEEP IT UP! Please, just because the site is up, keep coming! Keep telling people! I'd do the same for you! GET THE WORD OUT THERE!

As for today's comic, I feel I've summed up my (and everyone else I know's) sentiment about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. I mean, it couldn't be worse than the last one, which (for those of you who don't keep up on the nerd-lore) was pulled from all the shelves and is only now available in some sort of bootleg format. Imagine the Star Wars Christmas special, with the stoned Luke and Leia and bad Chewie impersonator, only for TWO FULL HOURS of BAD EFFECTS. I could be wrong. I mean, call me crazy, but HULK was pretty good. SOme of you disagree. I don't blame you, I know these things are hit or miss. But I don't particularly like the casting, the new logo treatments, or the way The Thing looks less like rock and more like a giant cold sore.

I know I'm no Penny Arcade or PvP, but now that I'm a webcomic I have certain responsibilities. One of them is to make sure you all know way too much about what goes into this comic. With that in mind, I shall continue:

Today's comic was promised for today, thursday, and got up around 10:15pm EST. Sorry for the delay, but I'm using a new scanner and had some trouble. I'm not liking the way the images turned out, so I may go back and edit later. Meanwhile, enjoy what's there.

For those of you wondering about the archive of comics, my developer (Tim the PHP Crazyman) is working on the archive page. Also, I checked through the stacks and this weekend will be adding a good portion of the 60 other comics I have to add to the archive, as soon as they are properly scanned in. I'll be sure to make an announcement about that as it happens. SO for those of you checking through the archive, (using the buttons above this rant) you can always chill for a few days until I post some more.

Finally, to bring this rant to a close, I encourage all of you to email me as to what you think about all things NQW. Like a comic? Hate a comic? Don't get a comic? Wonder who I am? Like the website? Can't remember who played Pete in MacGuyver? Shoot me a little ringy-dingy email.

Peace out, yo. -Rosso
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